MultiCommander 12.0 Build 2903

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This release contains a lot of changes over 350+ changes. Many are internal changes because of a large reorganization of code. But there are lots of fixes and some new features

Change in v12.0
  • Major code restructuring of core parts.
  • NEW - Hover data preview - Toggled on/off with Alt+Q or click on Talk-Bubble button on toolbar/li>
  • NEW - Menubar now support darkmode
  • NEW - Device dropdown can now show free space on device.
  • Updated lots of the 3rd party library that are used
  • Zip/Unzip now support AES-265 encryption
  • Many bug fixes
  • 12 Stability Issues fixed
Bijkomende stabiliteitsproblemen opgelost...
Deze upgrade zorgt enkel voor méér dan 10 stabiliteits-oplossingen, voor gerapporteerde bugs.
46+ Changes

ADDED - MultiScript function for MultiRename to start a MultiRename with list of files and a profile without showing UI
ADDED - Fixed Name conflict issue when items from different path but had same name was being renamed
ADDED - MultiRename window can now be started from MultiScript with a list of files/folders and what profile to autoload
ADDED - New MultiRename Tag upper case, [L] Lower case [n] Normal case
ADDED - RestartAndRecovery now save recovery data when application is forced down by restart because of Windows update
ADDED - When option to show Close button on TabPanel is on, the close button now supports dark mode
ADDED - Support for Application Restart and Recovery, Restarts MC on Crash / Reboot becuse of Windows Update, Remembering most things as as it was.
CHANGE- Rename, Replace text part in name does now ignore case for find part
CHANGE- Rename, Replace text part in name does now keep dialog open until close is pressed
CHANGE- How Inline rename works. When pressing left/right arrow key (and also Ctrl+Arrow)
CHANGE- Changed how MultiRename profiles created/saved/removed
FIXED - High dpi issue with MultiRename window
FIXED - Issue where Crash dumps was not created, Workaround added because of bug in Google Drive ShellExtension
FIXED - Issue when copying files to extra long path
FIXED - Issue with MultiScript CopyFile(..) , Progress dialog was not able to be shown.
FIXED - Issue when open path from locked tab, Some configuration option resulted in 2 new tabs opening instead of 1
FIXED - Never hide ".." folder even if file attribute say so (Win11 sometimes have .. folder as hidden)
FIXED - 14 Stability Issues
REMOVE- Lots of unused code that was not used anymore since it was rewritten.
65+ Changes

ADDED - Paste File/Folder name from clipboard into explorer panel and focus will move to that file/folder
ADDED - Hold Ctrl while pressing Menu > File > Exit to suppress confirm dialog
ADDED - MultiScript function StrRFind now support offset parameter, this parameter is at what position the reverse scan should start
ADDED - Can now configure different gridlines colors for horizontal and vertical gridlines
ADDED - New language Bulgarian, create by Lyuben Penchev
ADDED - Added new command to open folder in new tab or in other panel
ADDED - MultiCommander part in shell menu now show a command for "Open in New Tab" / "New Tab Other Panel"
ADDED - If ExplorerPanel config is corrupt when starting a messagebox is now shown asking if it should reset that file.
ADDED - During startup MC verify extensions. This process is now done in parallel to improve startup speed.
ADDED - Tabs can be have delayed update. They are not updated during startup. This can be disabled in settings.
ADDED - UI Panel for the FreeSpace Field and the icons after it are rebuilt. A ExplorerPanel tab UI will now be created faster. Look should be identical with before.
ADDED - Add Warning and user settings to warn if multiple files are selected when doing edit operation.
CHANGE - Internal changes to Explorer Panel status bar now it is build. Now using another UI panel.
CHANGE - Did lots of code cleanup in reading the settings.
FIXED - Problem browsing registry
FIXED - Crash issue with VideoTool Extension
FIXED - Connect to FTP bookmarks now works again
FIXED - FTP Device now has icon on high dpi display again
FIXED - Minor optimizations in various places
FIXED - Missing updated language packas
FIXED - Right click on Show/Hide Hidden files icon now works again
FIXED - Get Filename of folder with dots sometimes cut of the last dot part, Like it was a file extension
FIXED - Copy fileitems with date to clipboard the date was UTC and not local time
FIXED - WPD: (Portable device) - Now works better when getting disconnected. Will to a refresh and clear view better
FIXED - Top margin for main toolbar is correct
FIXED - ExplorerPanel loading a corrupted config file showed error dialog behind splash screen at startup
FIXED - 5 Stability Issues
ADDED - UserDefinedCommands file format changed.
ADDED - UserDefinedCommands can now be loaded from zip
ADDED - Old UserDefinedCommand scripts will be migrated to scripts/*.udc script files
ADDED - Minor redesign to UserDefinedCommands dialog (TreeView and Icons and DarkMode Support)
ADDED - Will show a message at startup if there are problem loading extension/modules (Failed to be upgraded?)
ADDED - MultiScript with external ref can now be views or converted from MutliScript editor.
ADDED - :SysInfo command now includes Monitor information and Windows 10 Release ID
ADDED - New MultiTags ${pid}, ${mctemp} , ${sourcefocusext}, ${targetfocusext}
ADDED - MC.Explorer.Goto support ItemFocus= parameter to set focus after scan
ADDED - Heigh of freespace field is now calculated better
ADDED - Example script is included in release
ADDED - MultiCommander.exe CommandLine command /OPEN now support more parameters
ADDED - MultiCommander.exe CommandLine command /QUIT to exit current running instance
FIXED - Backup/Restore now also include the new Script files
FIXED - MultiUpdate update will now log everything it does during update to MultiUpdate_log.txt
FIXED - Various DPI Scaling issue in FolderTree, CheckSum extension, MultiRename
FIXED - FindFiles dialog now closes again when Escape key is pressed.
FIXED - WindowsExplorer styled setup will now map F3 to search again.
FIXED - Scaling issue with the width of items shown on statusbar
FIXED - Toolbar still visible if all toolbars disabled in config
FIXED - Fixed issue with wrong icons sizes used in 125% / 175% scaling, Will now be drawn in correct sizes and scaled if needed
FIXED - Many icon scaling issues at 125%/175% scaling
FIXED - Copy 1 folder, and it is empty. Datetime is now kept is option for that is enabled.
FIXED - CommandLine field will now try to do auto complete on paths when starting to type.
FIXED - MultiDataViewer - HyperLink in text that was formatted was not always clickable
FIXED - MultiDataViewer - Text Formatting that formatted text to end on line. did not block formatting that was inside.
FIXED - MultiDataViewer - Text with multiple formatting sometimes lost formatting when parts was selected
FIXED - MultiDataViewer - Sometimes crashed if selection was done over part with multiple formats
FIXED - Tweaked detection if file is binary during content search and file viewer
FIXED - Minor tweak and code cleanup
FIXED - 6 Stability Issues
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