Sandboxie Plus

Sandboxie Plus 1.6.7

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Sandboxie 1.6.7 Plus / Classic 5.61.7 changelog:


* optie toegevoegd aan de klassieke ui om een support-certificaat toe te passen


* tijdsgebonden certificaten hebben nu 1 extra maand gratis geldigheid, om de verlengingsduur te verbeteren


* probleem met Hebreeuwse taal opgelost (klassieke UI) #2608
* probleem met startmenu-integratie en snapshots opgelost
Sandboxie 1.6.6 Plus / Classic 5.61.6 changelog:


  • reworked trace log retrival to greately improving performance
  • improved list/tree finder
  • improved trace logging
  • enabled drop admin rights option for compartment style boxes
  • -- Note: programs started unsandboxed can not have rights dropped, but UAC prompts and elevation from within the sandboxed are blocked
  • fixed potential BSOD issue in the driver
  • fixed crash in in trace log #2599
  • fixed tray issue 2600 (okrc)
  • fixed issues with shortcuts #2601 (okrc)
Sandboxie 1.6.4 Plus / Classic 5.61.4 changelog:


  • added option to disable sandbox clean-up on startup #2553
  • added contribution guidelines in the Help menu for both Plus and Classic UIs #2551
  • fixed issue with auto delete sandbox on SandMan startup #2555
  • fixed issue with Windows 11 context menu when SandMan was not already running #2284
  • fixed issue with the display about cmbDefault #2560 (okrc)
  • fixed issue with color inaccuracy #2570 (okrc)
  • fixed issue with Templates.ini loading on first start #2574
  • fixed Cyberpunk 2077 not being able to load mods when sandboxed
  • fixed performance issue in games
  • fixed FFS hooking issue observed in Windows 11 ARM64 Build 22621.819
  • added SBIE2227 warning when a sandbox is located on a volume without 8.3 name support
  • added template for Tencent QQ #2367
  • fixed issues when renaming a sandbox with a custom path #2368
  • properly fixed the Firefox 106 issue 46e9979
  • fixed issue with alternative UI modes #2380
  • fixed command line corruption with breakout processes #2377
  • fixed issues with Privacy Enhanced box types #2342
  • fixed issue with boxed object directory initialization #2342
  • Sandboxie no longer leaves behind permanent directory objects
  • FIXED SECURITY ISSUE ID-21 AlpcConnectPortEx was not filtered by the driver #2396
  • fixed issues with program control options #2395
Sandboxie Plus 1.3.3 / Classic 5.58.3 changelog:


  • added domain\user notation when the LogFile registry setting is applied as workaround for #2207
    -- usage: in "HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\SbieSvc" add REG_SZ "LogFile" with "3;[path]\Sandboxie.log"
  • added option to block host processes from accessing sandboxed ones #2132
    -- usage: DenyHostAccess=Program.exe,y
    -- note: by default, this protection only applies for write access, that is, unsandboxed processes will still be able to obtain read-only access
    -- to prevent host processes from obtaining read access, ConfidentialBox=y must also be set, which require a supporter certificate
  • added compatibility template for ReHIPS
  • added create all default folders in privacy style box 2218

  • improved SandMan settings behaviour for non admin users #2123
  • fixed issues with group moving via drag and drop
  • approved more required syscalls #2190
  • fixed issues when deleting box content and the file panel view is open
  • fixed issue with config protection #2206
  • fixed issue with default box #2195
  • fixed issue with keyboard delete shortcut for process termination
  • removed obsolete Online Armor template
  • added icons to sub tabs in the box options dialog
  • recovery and message pop-up menu options are not persisting across UI restarts any more
  • added new box color, a white box indicates that its not really a sandbox and is displayed when the user specified OpenFilePath=* or alike
  • Sandboxie no longer issues message 1301 when forced processes are temporarily disabled
    -- the message can be re-enabled with "NotifyForceProcessDisabled=y"
  • reworked the "Open COM" checkbox mechanism in the plus UI
    -- Now it uses a template and it can also keep COM closed while OpenIpcPath=* is set
  • fixed compatibility issue with Proxifier #2163
  • fixed encoding issue with Korean translation #2173
  • fixed issues with update available message
  • added ability to switch fusion theme independently of the dark theme
  • added ability to download updates from the support page
  • added missing system calls to the hardened box type 88bc06a b775264 04b2377 (thanks Mr.X)
  • added search box to the Plus UI Settings and box option dialogs #2134
  • added Korean translation to the Plus UI #2133 (thanks VenusGirl)
  • added grouping to sandman tray menu #2148
  • improved info label
  • the look of vintage mode is even more vintage
  • reloading the configuration with the Sandman command "Options -> Reload ini file" now updates the list of approved syscalls
  • made rule specificity more specific, now a rule with less wildcards overrules a rule with more wildcards -- Note: tailing wildcards are evaluated separately.
  • fixed issue with displaying sandbox configuration #2111
  • fixed flashing issue when switching views #2050
  • fixed inconsistencies with various checkboxes in the Plus UI ef4ac1b 06c89e3
  • fixed a certificate validation issue 238cb44
  • fixed issue with "UseRuleSpecificity" setting #2124 file.c#L965-L966
met de versie van enkele dagen geleden was blijkbaar iets mis en er ontbrak een werkende deinstallatie-onderdeel.
Dit werd met deze bugfix-versie opgelost.
Sandboxie Plus 1.2.7 / Classic 5.57.7 release notes:

This build fixed a couple of issues. If you have issues with an update installation, just uninstall the previous version keeping the sandboxie.ini and reinstall the new build.

Sandboxie Plus 1.2.7 / Classic 5.57.7 changelog:


  • added option to alternate row color in all lists
  • SandboxieLogon is now disabled by default as it was not compatible with 3rd party antimalware tools
  • the access view list now adds in display the tailing * to file and key paths the same way the driver does
  • setup of shell integration is now done by sandman, no longer by the installer
  • uninstaller can now remove the sandbox folders #1235
Sandboxie Plus 1.2.6 / Classic 5.57.6 changelog:
  • the access view list now adds in display the tailing * to file and key paths the same way the driver does 2039
  • reworked saving of global options
  • fixed issue with delete all button #2043
  • fixed issue with box prefs #2046
  • fixed issue with Delete V2 registry
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