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PDF24 Creator Suite 11.9.1

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PDF24 Creator 11.9.1 changelog:

Common: Code for querying the feature status optimized
Common: Code parts for hiding functions extended
DocTool: Word to PDF and Excel to PDF issue fixed
Reader: Changed form fields, focus in the field and subsequent saving/printing
Reader: Initialization of the print dialog improved
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PDF24 Creator 11.4.0 changelog:

JRE updated to version 18.0.2

JRE outputs are displayed in the Debug Console

  • For certain JRE program calls, the outputs were not displayed in the debug Console. The missing outputs are now visible.
New Ghostscript version
  • New Ghostscript 9.56.1 build is used. Removed Tesseract/Leptonica support as it is not needed here. This saves some space. We have also removed the code that adds %%Invocation: comments to PDF files for security reasons, as this could hide information you don't want in a PDF.
Check if the PDF24 folder for temporary files is writable
  • In rare cases the PDF24 folder for temporary files is not writable. If this is the case, a message will now appear with instructions on how to solve the problem.
Manual extended and many new details added

Special handling for JRE command line arguments

  • It will now re-encode the JRE command line arguments in the apps if GetACP() returns the value CP_UTF8 and if this does not match the system property sun.jnu.encoding. If the two encodings do not match, then the JRE passes command line arguments with incorrect encoding and the app may then fail to find files. There seems to be a bug in this JRE version (https://bugs.openjdk.org/browse/JDK-8272352), which is now marked as fixed and will be fixed with the JRE 19 version.
Updater: More parameters added
  • The update request now also includes the Windows version, the installer used and the OS architecture, so that updates can be delivered based on this data. The updater itself can also evaluate this data in the update lists and make decisions.
Toolbox: Old IE version removed
  • The old IE version is no longer used and has now been removed. The new Webview2 version continues to be developed and is now also much more comprehensive than the old IE version.
Toolbox: Page enlargement was defective
  • The page magnification icon of the rendered page of a PDF in some tools stopped working.
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PDF24 Creator 11.3.0 changelog:

pdf24.exe backend system starts when together with the toolbox if the backend process is not already started

  • If the pdf24.exe backend system is not running, it is started by other PDF24 apps. The PDF24 Toolbox did not do this. This has now been changed so that the Toolbox also starts the pdf24.exe backend system.
Webview2 updated
  • The current version 103.0.1264.49 of Webview2 is now used. How to use the Evergreen version of Windows is described in the manual in the registry settings section.
Installer: More translations added
Installer: Checkboxes for creating the Toolbox/Launcher icons

  • The new checkboxes allow you to control which desktop icons should be created. Usually this is an icon for the toolbox. But now the user has the possibility to decide which icons should be created.
Installer: MSI Installer detection integrated
  • If another PDF24 installation via MSI already exists, this will now be detected by the EXE installer.
Toolbox: Fixed problem when closing the app
  • Closing the application window right after it appeared could result in a process still running in the background. This problem is fixed.
Toolbox: Create bookmarks based on file names
  • The Merge PDF and the Images to PDF tool have now received an option to create bookmarks based on file names. Some users have requested such a feature.
  • If the bookmark function is used with the Merge PDF Tool, then the Java-based implementation is always used when executing the function, since this feature is only available here.
Toolbox: Problems with merging many PDFs fixed
  • The Java-based PDF implementation had a problem merging hundreds of files due to command line length limitations. This problem has now been fixed. We have implemented a new command execution mechanism to overcome this limitation and to generally increase flexibility for features we will add in the near future.
Toolbox: Javascript workers are now destroyed
  • The previewer now destroys the pdfjs webworker when the previewer is closed to release resources.
  • The PDF page renderer, which renders all pages of the PDF, now also destroys the pdfjs webworker when all pages have been processed.
Toolbox: Potential toolbox crash fixed
  • The PDF thumbnail generator now uses an executor to limit the number of thumbnail generators running in parallel. The toolbox could crash because too many resources were used by massively parallel running thumbnail generators.
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Joining PDF files extended
  • When joining PDF files, the function of PDFBox is now used by default, because here the page tree is also included in the new PDF. This change affects the joining of entire PDF files. QPDF is still used for the page-by-page function. Which provider is used for joining can be set via the setting variable 'joinPdfsProvider'. See the manual for more details on this setting.
Using /CETCOMPAT when compiling
  • When compiling EXE and DLL files we now use the compiler option /CETCOMPAT.
Reader: Closing problem fixed
  • With certain PDF files, a problem could occur when closing the Reader and opening the page view, so that the Reader then crashed. This problem has been fixed.
Fixed problem when calling Ghostscript
  • When calling Ghostscript with long command line there was a problem with an argument so that the call did not return the desired result. This problem has been fixed.
Assistent: Fixed problem when processing small files
  • If the assistant is started with a small file, then there was a problem here when starting the GUI, which is now fixed.
Toolbox: Footer bar in the status window extended
  • There is now a footer bar in the job processing status window. This bar can be hidden using the feature.toolbox.jobMonitorFooter option. More about this in the manual.
Webview2 update to version 102.0.1245.41
  • With this version of Webview2, there are new features that we can use, which are used, among other things, in the new Invoice module in the Toolbox.
Toolbox: When starting Webview2 the correct language is now also set
  • When starting the user interface, the language is now also set in Webview2, so context menus etc. are now displayed in the correct language.
Toolbox: Convert PDF to images tool improved
  • When converting a PDF to images, PDFBox is now used, which produces the same good results as the corresponding online tool from PDF24. Furthermore, the status of the conversion is now also displayed in the status window.
Toolbox: PDF to Text convert tool improved
  • When converting a PDF to text, PDFBox is now also used, which produces the same good results as the corresponding online tool from PDF24. Furthermore, the status of the conversion is now also displayed in the status window. This tool also affects the compare PDF tool which gives a better result now.
Toolbox: PDF metadata removal tool added
  • With the new PDF metadata removal tool you can remove all metadata from the PDF so that the new PDF will not contain any hidden information.
Toolbox: Invoice generator tool added
  • With the new invoice generator tool you can visually create an invoice and then save or print it as a PDF. Ideal for occasionally creating an invoice.
PDF24 Creator 11.1.0 changelog:

Meerdere onderdelen werden substantieel aangepast

  • Update JRE naar versie 18.0.1
  • Update Webview2 naar versie 100.0.1185.50
  • Update voor de huidige versie van WebView2Loader en de WindowsImplementationLibrary
  • Pdfium update naar de versie voor chromium/5030
  • Ghostscript update naar versie 9.56.1
Toolbox: Extract images from PDFs
  • The huidige implementatie geeft nu dezelfde resultaten als in het online tool van PDF24. En nu kunnen beelden die voordien niet exporteerbaar waren wel degelijk geëxporteerd worden.
Toolbox: Some UIs improved

  • Sommige tools gebruiken nu ook de Sticky Toolbar, zoals we die in de Online Tools al gebruikten. Daardoor wordt de ganse UI beter voor o.a. Split PDF, Merge PDF, Extract Pages, Remove Pages, Rotate Pages, Sort Pages.
Een zuiver technische bug in de File Tools Shell werd opgelost.
PDF24 Creator 10.8.0 changelog:

FileTools: Verbeteringen in het processen van bestanden
  • In FileTools worden PDF bestanden niet langer gepre-processed alvorens ze aan de handler worden doorgegeven. Daardoor zijn de resultaten beter, zeker in het geval van het samenvoegen van PDF bestanden dan voorheen.
Creator: Betere plaatsing van het preview venster
  • De positie van het venster wordt nu bewaard in de registry en opnieuw gebruikt bij een volgend bestand.
Compress + OCR: Bold font gebruikt in de hoofding

Tijdelijke bestanden worden niet meer voortijdig gewist

Assistent: Paginanummering toegevoegd in de bestandslijst

PDFLib: Blanco naam is nu toegestaan

DocTool: 'Improved sink handlers' (? niet duidelijk wat hiermee bedoeld wordt)
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Reader: Probleem opgelost waarbij geopende bestanden werden overschreven. Er wordt nu standaard gevraagd naar een nieuwe naam.

QPDF: Update naar versie 10.5.0 / QPDF wordt nu standaard gebruikt voor het samenvoegen van PDFs. Daardoor is dit samenvoegen een beetje sneller en met minder problemen. Door aanpassingen in de code kunnen ook meer bestanden worden samengevoegd dan voorheen.

DocTool: Het roteren/kantelen van pagina's is nu beschikbaar als shell commando. Hoe dit werkt staat beschreven in de nieuwe instructies in de PDF24 Creator handleiding : https://creator.pdf24.org/manual/ (Engelstalig)

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