Inkscape 1.1.2

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Inkscape 1.1.2 is a maintenance and bugfix release, which brings you more than 40 bug fixes, 11 crash fixes, 8 fixes for extension failures, 15 improved user interface translations and improved documentation.

Bug fixes​


  • Fixed Windows test builds, so testers can again try out intermediate versions (MR #3762
  • Fixed building Inkscape with GCC 12 / C++17 (MR #3683)
  • Fixed building Inkscape with Poppler 21.11.0, e.g. on Slackware Linux (MR #3636, Bug #2906)
  • Toolbar fields now use the units the user selected as display units (in Document preferences) again (MR #3716, Bug #1747)
  • Mouse cursors for tools are now completely visible, no matter how transparent the currently selected color is (MR #3640, Bug #2025)
  • Graphic tablet pens that have a built-in eraser tip now again automatically switch to the correct tool (MR 3636, Bug #2866)
  • On macOS, the system menu now uses the correct language and menu decorations look better on systems with non-English locales (MR #3531)
  • When clicking on the color indicator in the bottom left corner, the Fill and Stroke dialog will now open again (Bug #2621, MR #3754)
  • Multiple untranslatable strings are now translatable (MR #3918, Bug #2492, Bug #2279, Bug #809)
  • When automatically converting text to path on the commandline for export, differently formatted text parts no longer lose their styling (MR #3918, Bug #2602)
  • Clones/symbols/glyphs are now positioned correctly relative to each other when pasting them into a new document (MR #3922, Bug #387)
  • Copy-pasting an object with a Live Path Effect repeatedly into a new document now pastes the current object, not an outdated one (MR #3922, Bug #1743)
  • Linking an additional path to the Measure Path LPE as a projection target works again (MR #3922, Bug #3035)
  • Saving files with markers as SVG1.1 results in valid markers again (MR #3942, Bug #2785)


  • Filter editor: The standard deviation for Gaussian blur can now be 0, if there is no blur (MR #3650, Bug #2724)


  • win32 theme now contains expand/collapse arrows for expandable lists (MR #3636, Bug #2876)
  • win32 theme offers improved contrast when hovering over text (MR #3550)
  • win32 theme context menu border looks better now (MR #3550)
  • win32 theme offers improved contrast when hovering over text (MR #3550)


Text tool​

  • Font dropdown now updates when changing font for the same text multiple times through the dropdown menu (MR #3731, Bug #2056)
  • Line spacing works again with current Pango versions (e.g. 1.49) as used on Fedora Linux (MR #3717, Bug #2864)
  • Line spacing now always stays the same when only changing the line height units (MR #3640, Bug #2465)
  • Unicode mode now accepts numbers entered with numpad keys (a bug with a long beard, reported in 2014! MR #3716, Launchpad Bug #1394559
  • Copied style no longer includes the shape of a flowed text and some other text positioning data, which caused all kinds of strange behavior (MR #3899, Bug #2807)

Crash fixes​

Fixed a crash when …

  • … grouping / ungrouping / importing / pasting a 3D box or after doing so and editing it (MR #3731, Bug #2833)
  • … trying to add the "Measure segments" Live Path Effect to a path with empty / one-node subpaths (MR #3636, Bug #2725)
  • … running inkscape --actions=action-list on the command line if Inkscape has been built with DBUS support (MR #3636, Bug #2813)
  • … exporting to a raster image file with a file name that contains non-ASCII characters (MR #3784, Bug #2548)
  • … importing an SVG file that contains a 3D box (MR #3592, Bug #2881)
  • … pressing Backspace while using the Bézier tool (MR #3715, Bug #2764)
  • … selecting Other locations in the Open/Save/Import dialog, with the preview active (MR #3786, Bug #2549)
  • … dragging a guide line off the canvas to delete it (MR #3899, Bug #3084)
  • … starting Inkscape with the Icon Preview panel open on Wayland (Bug #3047, MR #3937)
  • copying nodes if there is a Bend LPE in the clipboard (MR #3942)
  • … (freeze) when changing the document's license while the Selectors and CSS dialog is open (MR #3939, Bug #2700)

Extension bug fixes​

Crash fixes​

Bugfixes in particular extensions​

Improvements that apply to all extensions​

  • The file chooser in extensions can no longer accidentally choose a directory instead of a file (MR #3716, Bug #2822)
  • Compact float notation (such as 1.2 .3 ) in paths is now supported for all extensions (MR extensions#385)
  • Extensions that call external programs no longer mangle texts with special characters on systems that do not use UTF-8 encoding (MR extensions#363)

Improvements for development / deployment​


The following UI translations received updates:

  • Brazilian Portuguese
  • Catalan
  • Croatian
  • Czech
  • German
  • Greek
  • Hungarian
  • Lithuanian
  • Romanian
  • Russian
  • Simplified Chinese
  • Slovenian
  • Traditional Chinese
  • Spanish
  • Ukrainian
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