Free Download Manager

Free Download Manager 6.19.1

Enkel Leden kunnen Downloaden, maak je gratis Lid.

technische upgrade
  • UI zoom settings.
  • Remote access: improved stability.
  • HTTP downloads: improved speed and stability.
  • Improved HLS downloads support.
  • "Enable standalone create new downloads windows" option.
  • Minor improvements.
  • Fixed: downloads priorities mechanism was broken.
  • Fixed: bug working in a multi-monitor configuration.
  • Fixed: FDM was resetting downloads sort mode at startup in case user-sort mode was enabled.
  • Fixed: minor bugs.
  • Fixed: Windows: "Failed to create OpenGL context" error message at startup on some configurations.
  • Fixed: Windows: bug working with UNC paths.
  • Fixed: Linux: clicking on the other apps' notifications could bring FDM to foreground.
  • For developers: add-ons: console.log output goes to the log file now.
  • Remote access.
  • BitTorrent: setting for changing port for incoming connections.
  • File integrity check: SHA-512 support added.
  • Improved startup time in some cases.
  • Possibility to rename already downloaded files.
  • Possibility to sort downloads using Status column.
  • Show/hide some columns in the downloads list.
  • Minor interface improvements.
  • Fixed: bug in the shutting down process, which probably could lead to damage of service data.
  • Fixed: FDM was not able to move files on some drives.
  • Fixed: minor bugs.
  • Fixed: Windows: [experimental] Software mode is enabled by default instead of OpenGL to hopefully avoid various issues.
  • Fixed: macOS: bug detecting system theme.
  • Fixed: FDM could ignore maximum download count setting in some cases.
  • Fixed: it was not possible to choose a file with add-on in some cases.
  • Fixed: bug of automatic detection of the current language.
  • Fixed: minor bugs.
  • Fixed: Android: cross-app scripting vulnerability.
  • Fixed: Linux: FDM could not start under Ubuntu 22.04.
Free Download Manager changelog:
  • "Notify me of new downloads via Notification Center" setting.
  • "Ignore upload ratio limit" downloads context menu checkbox.
  • Browser extension: Http Live Stream (HLS) downloads support added.
  • ICY stream downloads support added.
  • Minor interface improvements.
  • Android: "Share link with FDM Browser" menu added.
  • Android: Built-in web browser: a simple media grabber added.
  • Fixed: too high memory usage due to downloads' previews images.
  • Fixed: in some cases FDM could stop HTTP download with no resume support on its own.
  • Fixed: various Http Live Stream (HLS) downloads bugs.
  • Fixed: bug processing HTTP ETag.
  • Fixed: various bugs converting media files to MP4/MP3.
  • Fixed: browser extension could damage FDM settings (for runtime only).
  • Fixed: various interface bugs.
  • Fixed: macOS: random crashes when downloading/seeding.
  • Fixed: Android: in some cases, FDM was not letting the user to download to the directories outside of its private folder.
  • Fixed: Linux: bug moving files to trash.
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